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Vionsoft is an independent development "team" consisting of one person (Ondřej Vindyš) and a group of other external collaborators, the composition of which varies according to the projects.
The team works in Beskydy mountain (Czech republic) since 2006.

All developed applications are currently only available for the platform Windows.
Iam using for developing:
C#, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, C++

Vionsoft team:

Ondřej Vindyš (ondra@vionsoft.cz)
programmer, project leader, designer

... and externals cooworkers and testers:
Mgr. Věra Vindyšová: Archamon (tester, game designer)
Mgr. Marek Vindyš: Archamon, Kromion, DVAFM (Game designer, math and physic specialist, tester)
Tomáš "Kentha" Kmenta: Archamon (artist, tester, game designer)
Lenka Vindyšová: Kromion (designer, Kromion support)
Stanley06: Archamon (3D models)
Avrix: Archamon (3D designer, Sudokop team member)
Rares Dobrescu: Archamon (designer, artist)
Bc. Lumír Stuchlík: Archamon (tester, game designer)
Dušan Čopak: Archamon (3D models)

References - what I am developing ...

Web portals Tourist portal VBeskydech.cz
Online games Online strategy Kromion
Computing/database aplications Koferm - database of properties anaerobically fermentable materials + program for preparation of input biogas plant (developed for Centre for Environmental Technology at the Technical University of Ostrava)
Vionsoft - Ondřej Vindyš
Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Czech Republic
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